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Does anyone else find it off-putting when someone puts 'don't like, don't read' at the beginning of their post?  For some reason it makes me just not want to read it even if I thought I would like it.  It just seems kind of rude, maybe?  Anyone?

A Little Rambling Thought

Just to show how much Torchwood has invaded my brain, here's a quote from BookRiot.com:  

 "The work of archivists might be among the most important least heralded anywhere. "

and first thing that popped into my head was 'Yes, Ianto is proof of that.'

A few years ago, there were bad, bad storms in Wales, and my first thought was that the weevils would be coming up out of the sewers.  Seriously, I need help, people.  

Edit:  look at all the icons that are now below my posts.  I don't think I like that.  


Reading something, and just want to say how much I dislike overly cleaning-obsessed nagging anal Ianto. Ianto wants the team to not make messes because he has to clean them up. More work for Ianto, not Ianto obsessing about neatness. It makes Ianto sound like a rigid, nagging wife. That's not my Ianto. Just sayin'.


I cannot get in, yesterday or today. Anyone know what's going on, or is it just me? Thanks.

Oh, God.

What have we done, America? I am in shock.

Help. Anybody out there?

I just got this in my email. I have no idea what this means, do any of you?

Vacant Promo Spot

12:33 PM (18 minutes ago)

to me
Duration of the slot: 12:00 - 13:00
the LJ Token cost of the slot: 12

While I'm Waiting

for stuff to download, and isn't Firefox just fun lately? I am re-reading "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies, or, A Humourous Interlude Between Epics" by copperbadge, and there's this, which just made me laugh hysterically because I have been waiting for these things to download since just after The Flood, I think. You know, the big Biblical one. Anyway, this:

"Nobody wants to say what everyone's thinking: Atlantis just fell to a police constable, a secretary, and a metrosexual."

It was the 'metrosexual' that did me in.

Sherlock books free today August 4

Posted on my Tumblr, but here is good, too. Amazon has all the Sherlock books and short stories free for you Kindle today. Don't know how long this is for, but today for sure.

Seven Years

of trying, trying, trying to get over Ianto dying. Slowly weeding out any fan fiction with canon-compliant story lines, Jack mourning, Jack remembering in the future. Can't go there. Can only read happy endings. I've not been this devastated when actual real-life people I've known have died. What is wrong with me? Fortunately, there is a lot, I mean a lot, of positive outcome, happy Jack and Ianto, alien-fighting while having a good life together fan fic. Thank you, authors. I remember playing 'Dead Summer' by Unblest over and over and over til I had to force myself to stop listening. Never been so immersed in misery and sadness. Much better now, thank goodness, but still reading Janto fan fic every single day. I don't even worry if I'm crazy anymore. I am just so grateful to fan fic authors.