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In reference to the new audio episodes. I think I'm over it. Either that, or it's just that as much as I love Captain Jack (and JB), it's just not Torchwood without Owen, Tosh, and Ianto. Like Miracle Day wasn't really Torchwood, and even COE seemed to be the characters names played by the same actors, but actually different characters, if that makes sense. Everyone was so OOC in COE, it did not seem like Torchwood to me at all. Hellooo fan fiction. I am so there. Oddly enough, I am perfectly fine reading fics where there is no Gwen. She never seems to add anything but annoyance, in my mind. Like a strand of celery stuck in your teeth (read that somewhere), you desperately want it to go away, but it just stays and stays and stays and makes you crazy in the interim. But that's just me.


Jul. 22nd, 2015 01:29 pm (UTC)
Only read part one so far. :) I think COE was brilliant television, and it was truly edge of your seat. It just wasn't Torchwood. I think he couldn't get it made without tying it to something already successful, so he shoe-horned Torchwood into something completely different. I remember thinking as I watched it, that someone really, really has to hate their government to write something so negative about it. But it wasn't Torchwood. And then they killed Ianto.

I did think the death threats were over the top, especially the ones to the guy whose name escapes me but isn't RTD. On the other hand, RTD really was a complete and total ass to the fans, and also, I've read, to Gareth, disrespecting him badly in a public forum. He lost me as a viewer of anything he's associated with at that point.