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Answer for question 4402.

Have you ever had a penpal or email-pal? How did you find this person? Was it a good experience? Did you get to meet your pal in personal eventually?
I have two I met through blogging. One I commented on his blog, and one commented on mine. After awhile, we moved to email. It's very rewarding, they both live in other countries than I do, and I've learned a lot. They seem really good people, too. I have some other people I email with on occasion, who I met either through blogging or reading fan fiction. I like this because you just skip over the initial judgements people always subconsciously make based on looks, or accents, or whatever and get to the nitty-gritty right off. I do love the internet. It's my window to the world, and it's a good thing. There are some wonderful people out there.