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Is It Me?

Someone posted some pictures of Ianto's Shrine on Tumblr, with a picture of a paper that says, "& Owens". No. Let Owen get his own shrine. Am I just being petty? This made me angry. Maybe I need to just get over it all, but please, leave Ianto's shrine alone, people. Anyone?


Jul. 23rd, 2015 03:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Ianto's Shrine
Doctor Who was all about loss, as well. I think RTD has a very dark outlook on life. But he brought Nine, my favorite Doctor, to life, (I love Eleven, too) and he created Ianto and Jack and Tosh and Owen, even though he shortchanged them all in the end. There were so many stories to be told about Tosh and Owen in particular. This is where fan fiction takes up the slack, thank goodness. I've read some where they did not die and went on the have a life together. Just killing people off for shock value isn't necessarily good story-telling. Showing them having a life, or a fascinating back story, can be really good, too.

One of my favs, and the name escapes me at the moment, is when everyone but Gwen somehow became immortal. I can live with that. There really are some amazingly good writers out there, and they don't even charge me to read their stuff. These really are good times, aren't they?