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Martha Jones

I'm reading Magwich, by angstosaur, and Martha has just drugged Ianto so he can be dragged off to Unit prison.  Jack is devastated, and bere's this:

"He was having trouble coming to terms with her blind faith in UNIT regulations and protocal, and her willingness to go along with procedures withour ever questioning them. "

This was the issue I had with her in Doctor Who, with the Osterhagen Key.  No matter how many people she knew and trusted told her not to use it, she was bound and determined to follow UNIT's orders.  Blind obedience.  She is a Companion, and supposed to be smarter than that, I would have thought. 

Blind obedience is not the mark of a good character, real or fictional.  I found this very disappointing, and it got me thinking about other female characters in tne Whoverse.  If you look closely, they all seem to have some sort of major flaw going on.  Gwen, who is apparently RTD's fav, is written as, well, you know how she's written.  Even those of you who love her cannot be blind to it.  Odious comes to mind.  Yeah, she is not on my list of top ten (thousand) favorite characters.

I'm thinking RTD has some serious issues, and really is a mysogynistic ass.  (Typing on my Nexus, so spell check is not friendly)  Anybody have any thoughts on this?