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Thinky thoughts

I put this on Tumblr first, cause that's where I was when it occurred to me:

It suddenly occurred to me....that maybe killing off the person you identify with (Ianto Jones, anyone?) is like killing you. No wonder I hate Russell Davies so much. He killed me. It’s also interesting that it seems that he identifies with Gwen, the most odious, selfish, self-centered, clueless person I can think of.

Another thing I posted over there, is that I tried to watch series two of Broadchurch and had to fast forward through Eve's scenes. I always say you shouldn't confuse the actor with the character, but...
So I guess I just can't stand Eve Myles, whether she's playing Gwen or not. Surprised myself. I actually almost stopped watching when I first saw her in it, to tell the truth.