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Episode 4

I"m braving it. I like this one because lots of Ianto. Gareth was kind of weak in acting skills, I think, but he was still very young. Jack is a really bad leader. Supposed to be a military man, but does not have enough authority to be obeyed by anyone. No one follows his orders without first questioning and arguing. Maybe he didn't get to play captain during WW2 long enough to get how to lead. I don't know what his rank was meant to be in WW1, or did he only serve there in fan fiction? Haven't watched any of this since it first aired, so don't really remember what's show and what's fan fic. Gareth steals every single scene he's in though, doesn't he? Your eyes just glom right onto him as soon as he's on screen. Well, mine do, anyway. Rewatching makes me realize that Burn is a really good actor. The best of them all, I think. But I'm still Ianto (and Janto) all the way.

BTW, who would name their kid Burn? Anyone know anything about this? Anyone know anything about Gareth? I've never seen if he has siblings, or anything about him really except that he lived with an aunt for awhile. Or so I read somewhere.