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Torchwood Four and RTD

So here I am reading After Elton's Torchwood 4 articles. First I find this excellent comment, which I hope I am not violating any rules/laws by re-posting here:

"Posted by
jeis (5 points) (3 posts)
on August 11, 2010 at 07:51am

So. The recipe of “Brilliance” from RTD (note the sarcasm):

“Borrow” several creative decisions and plot twists from other movies/series. Add several clichés. Peel off any morale, humanity and human values. Mix it randomly so that pieces don’t add up. No logical order allowed. Put in front the most unappealing character and make them (or her) a star of the show. Promote sheer brilliance of this character with every opportunity even if all facts prove otherwise. If there are other, more sensible or – God forbid! – appealing characters - kill them, after all your main star needs attention and it won’t do if audience likes somebody other than your star.

If there is a “dashing hero” character - torture him in every way possible and blame him for every mistake your leading star makes. Don’t forget to provide “hero” character with maximum amount of pain, loss and self-depreciation. If possible make him kill some relative, child or both. Any real hero needs a real challenge, after all.

If the “hero” male character by an oversight manages to have beautiful and intriguing relationship with another appealing and likable male character, torture the former and kill the latter in the most illogical way possible, because your main star of the show simply cannot compete with two handsome man, especially if they are together. At the same time provide your main star with maximum indestructibility, bullet-proofness, self-righteousness and domestic bliss.

Given another go, in the next season try to make the “hero” character hetero or a slut and don’t forget to say something about how homosexuality is bad for survival of fictional characters.

If you don’t know what to do with your characters anymore or can’t think of sensible way to develop them – kill everybody you can (aside from your indestructible favorite main star that lives happily ever after) and destroy everything else possible (like cool underground base, rare pets etc.) including characters' personalities. Try to convince audience that this is “drama”. If not succeed advise them to go watch other shows.

Making every new season of the show always aim to please new audience because it won’t do to pay attention to old fans – they did their job, took you where you are now and exhaust their usefulness. Try to wrap your “original” ideas in the name of beloved original series and try to convince fans that they will be pleased even if you gleefully destroyed everything that made the show successful in the first place.

Don’t forget to mention just how brilliant everything is, including yourself."

But the kicker is this quote from the 'great' man himself:

"RTD: I loved the fact the original Captain Jack died the next day. I think it’s hilarious. I think he must have been flying his plane going “No, I’m gay! I’m gay!” Then he crashed. Gayness killed him."

And that is why, folks, I will never watch another thing that ass is attached to. Ever.

EDIT: Here's the link to the article: