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Stealing a meme


Another Meme: Fic Annoyances

* Jun. 6th, 2008 at 8:24 AM

1. Smirking. I know Jack smirks. I don't think Jack and Ianto both smirk every time a usual person would just smile or grin.

2. Emo Ianto. Hurt/comfort is fine, but Ianto worked for TW One, smuggled Lisa and all the conversion equipment to Cardiff and into the hub and kept her hidden for some time. I just don't think he'd constantly fall apart over every little set to with Jack.

3. Chapter posts that are two or three paragraphs long, meaning that to read one fic you have to go through mega pages.

4. Fics that you started, got me hooked on, then took a six month break before posting the next chapter. Or worse still, fics you just drop in the middle. Screaming and gnashing of teeth go on in that case.

5. Fics whose chapters aren't linked and on blogs that have no previous/next buttons so I have to go back to the archive page every single freaking page.

That is all. Thank you. Now if I were clever enough to write fic myself, instead of just basking in the joy of reading everyone else's, you could all post to me about my annoying habits as well. *smile*