June 23rd, 2013

my butterfly

Comments from an article about old x-rays of women wearing corsets

----The lengths women used to go to in the hopes of living up to some arbitrary social standard of beauty. Thank god we live in a rational age where all they do is put sacks of silicon inside their chests and butt fat in their lips.

Don't forget about imitating starving children in Africa so they can live up to social expectations.

And go in for repeated reconstructive surgery on their faces, bodies and vajayjays, Starve themselves, take laxatives, spend thousands on cosmetics, wreck their knees by wearing high heels, bleach their buttholes, risk skin cancer by tanning if they think they're too pale, or bleaching their skin if they think they're too dark...----

I've never been beautiful, but I've always been as Mother Nature designed me. 'Bleach their buttholes' was an entirely new concept to me. And ewwww!