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August 5th, 2013

The new Who

Just came across this. Hooray! He's been one of my favorite actors for a long time.


The New Who

Funny, I did not even think of him from COE. I commented a couple of places that he will always be the guy from "Local Hero' to me, so I think I can tolerate him as The Doctor. Will have to wait and see. I didn't watch the last ones with Matt Smith, because it just seemed over to me after Amy and Rory and I did not want to see a new companion, especially one who seemed interchangeable with every other young actress around. Amy stood out, Donna stood out, Rory could stand by me any day. I liked Martha, but I also did not like Martha, and I'm ambivalant about Rose. I loved Nine, and I loved Eleven, but Ten seemed a selfish, self-centered whiny jerk most of the time, and he treated Jack and Martha horribly and with unrepentant cruelty with Jack. I understood why he did what he did with Donna, but I've read fixes for that which were logical and much less cruel than what he did. So I'm not a blindly faithful Who lover, but I am hopeful that Peter Capaldi can bring back my love for the Doctor, and that they have companions who have some interest beyond cute. Also, that I can get past Frobisher.