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August 14th, 2013

Good quote

from here:

orson-scott-card It's a really disgusting, idiotic rant, in my opinion.

The man may be a really good writer (I haven't read any of his books, nor will I see the movie coming out) but seriously, he is a racist, homophobic bigot. Here's what he started with:

"This is the column where I predict how American democracy ends."

Here's the good quote from the article about it:

'Oppose equality for same-sex couples? That’s your business. Feel free. Try to stop me from being allowed to marry my husband, by pouring millions of dollars into anti-gay campaigns that lie about LGBT people and same-sex marriage? That’s my business, and there’s a strong line between Card’s and NOM’s anti-gay religious beliefs and my civil rights. And in America, my civil rights trump their religious beliefs. If they don’t, then that’s “how American democracy ends”'

Civil rights. What we used to have in the United States.