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September 11th, 2013

Crushed. I am crushed.

I quite like saying, "I quite like that." meaning I like it quite a bit. Wrong.

On the other hand:

kwīt/<input ... >
adverb: quite

  1. 1.
    to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely.
    "it's quite out of the question"
    synonyms: completely, entirely, totally, wholly, absolutely, utterly, thoroughly, altogether More
    "two quite different types"

    • very; really (used as an intensifier).
      "“You've no intention of coming back?” “I'm quite sorry, but no, I have not.”"

  2. 2.
    to a certain or fairly significant extent or degree; fairly.
    "it's quite warm outside"
    synonyms: fairly, rather, somewhat, slightly, relatively, comparatively, moderately, reasonably, to a certain extent; More
    informalpretty, kind of, kinda, sort of
    "red hair was quite common in Rita's family"

confusing much????