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October 14th, 2013

The Absolutely Worst Way to Read a Fan Fic

On Tumblr. Seriously. I can never scroll down far enough to fine the first post. Which isn't even the worst bad thing about it. Is there some secret I am missing here? Who thinks up these things, anyway. Like Google +. I usually check out new things, but I don't usually hate them as much as I do Google +. Who thinks scrolling, scrolling, scrolling is a good use of my time? Not me. Finally figured out how to get myself OUT of Google +, and since they asked, I told them I do not like it even a little bit. So there! LOL

Edit: I meant find, not fine, but it still works. Can we fine people for thinking posting a fic on Tumblr is a good idea? We could give the money to charity, I don't want it.