October 6th, 2019

my butterfly

The Friday Five

1. If you were President of the United States, what would be your top 3 things that you would like to change?

Get ALL money out of politics. Get rid of the electoral college. Huge amount of assistance for health care, housing, and education. Make healthcare and education free altogether, if possible. A healthy and well-educated populace is the best defense against orange morons getting into office.

2. If you had to survive off of one specific type of food, what would it be and why?

Tacos. Real ones, not those 'flour tortilla filled with crap' ones. Real ones have grain, meat and/or beans, cheese, and vegetables: onions, lettuce, tomatoes.  Also, I freaking love tacos.

3. If your life were a play, what would it be (tragedy, comedy, drama, etc.)?

Comedy, definitely a comedy. A farce, actually.

5. What community is your favorite and why?

Torchwood of course. Because there is so much really great fan fiction out there, and because if you don't love Ianto madly, there is something seriously wrong with you.  Sherlock would come second, because there are some truly amazingly good writers in that fandom, but I am mad for Torchwood.

6. When did you realize you were finally an adult and how did it make you feel?

Don't think I've quite made it there yet, and at this age, don't think I'm ever going to. That is absolutely fine with me.