excentric397 (excentric397) wrote,

Red Faction

I finally got to watch it.  Thank you whoever posted  download.   I've seen worse on SciFi.  I thought it got better as it went along, esp after Gareth showed up, but also any scenes that didn't have so much background noise.  They really need to get a better sound editor.  I liked all the characters, apart from the White Faction and Red Faction leaders.  They were more like cardboard cutouts than people.  The plot wasn't actually terrible, but the dialog could have used some fine-tuning.   Any number of LJ authors could have done better.  I thought Gareth acted well, but when hasn't he?  He even made that awful Sherlock Holmes film watchable.  If I remember correctly, he's with a good agency, but he needs to push them to find him some decent roles.  All in all, it was worth watching Red Faction just to see him, and the two from BSG were am added attraction.  If you don't already love sci-fi, you probably won't like it, but in my book, any sci-fi, even if relatively mediocre, is better than no sci-fi at all. 
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