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Friending Meme

Track ThisAll about you
Name: Jean
Age: Older than dirt
Location:Massachusetts, USA

Yay Torchwood!
Favourite character(s): Well, duh. Ianto, of course. Tosh second
Favourite episode(s):Fragments
Favourite ship(s):Janto
Favourite quote:
What do you do in fandom?:Read. A lot. (i.e. fanfic, icons, discussion)

More about you
what are your other fandoms?:Due South, Sherlock
Got any hobbies?:Reading fanfic, I like to crochet, I love to garden, but don't have an outdoors where I live
What do you post about:Things that matter to me, politics, equal rights, bullying, marriage equality
What are your favourite LJ comms (other than torch_wood obviously): JackxIanto, Long Live Ianto

Edit:  Just thought of my favorite quote, which of course is the whole 'phones aren't working' schtick.  Duh!