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More? And the radio plays

I got another chocolate user head (I still find this disturbing, somehow) from evalentine99 .  Thank you.  I've never gotten anything like this before.  It makes me happy.  :)

The radio plays.  Thanks to everyone who posted download links.  I downloaded all three, and I've read all the reaction posts I could find, so I know what happens in the third one, but I cannot listen to them now.  It's been two years and I still haven't gotten over it, and I'm still furious at RTD's lies and manipulations, and I need more time before I can cope with the 'official' Torchwood again. 

Meanwhile, I am ever so grateful for the awesome fanfiction out there that keeps Ianto, and frequently Tosh and Owen, alive and well.  I have read some truly amazing, and remarkably well-written fiction since I first discovered fanfiction not long after COE, when I was still devastated.  You authors are incredible, and you share your work with people like me, who can barely string a sentence together in non-fiction, like now.  :)  What a gift, and I thank you all.