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Four things:

1. This is why I'm not Christian.

2. This is why I think religion is bad.

3. Didn't we see this already in Classic Torchwood?  Jack on top of a guy, "I came back for you", Jack hanging from chains.  Original?  Nope.

And 4.  Srsly?  We are supposed to like and admire Gwen?  Srsly?  I am so glad I haven't watch a second of this (well, except for THAT bit on You Tube or somewhere), but Oh My Freakin' God!   What a despicable human being she is.  If she is meant to represent RTD, it just confirms what I've said before:  HE is a despicable human being.  I will never watch anything associated with him again.  I have my Classic TW disks, and fan fiction, and I will live happily in those universes, thank you very much.  SRSLY????  Oh My Freakin' God!!  I think I may throw up.