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Formatting Issues

I've seen a lot of complaints about LJ problems with formatting posts. Here's a bit from http://www.40tech.com/ that might help. Haven't tried it myself, but it looks worth looking into.

Windows Live Writer

livewriterLet’s face it- it is trendy to bash Microsoft, and for good reason. But this is one program they got right. When I was researching tools for blog writing, many bloggers sang the praises of Windows Live Writer. I now see why. When I write, I want to focus on the content, and not mess around with HTML and formatting. Windows Live Writer makes that easy. It gives you the option to view source code, but it defaults to an easy wysiwyg format that makes blog writing a breeze. My favorite feature is how it handles images. You can insert an image into a post, or even drag one from your browser right into your content. You can then set the margins and borders, and determine how text will wrap around the image. There are also some built-in image editing features, but I don’t use those. Once you finish with your post, you can send it directly to your blog.

The download page: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-writer

I played with it and put a vid, a link and a picture into a post, but I don't have to format whatever you all have to, so can vouch for that. Anyway, hope this helps,.