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Jul. 6th, 2012 04:40 pm (UTC)
The funny thing is that same arguments, at least in America (I know that article is from a British site), have been made about race in the past (and even some people now). I have heard someone say that in the US we have a Back History Month and it is inequality because we don't have a White History Month. People fail to realize that white is the default setting in the US just like heterosexuality.

I get a really unique perspective because I am bisexual, so based on my past relationships, I have been seen to the outside world a default heterosexual and a lesbian. It is still me, the same person in everything else, and the differences in how I am treated are just based on my partner. Thankfully, I live in a more accepting area so at worst there are murmured words and stares, but it is still noticible. And of course there are places I've avoided PDA with a female partner (if going there couldn't be avoided) even in the US, because voilence against homosexuals even occurs in this county (so I couldn't imagine how awful it is in those 78 countries). I know the fact I am a woman also effects how people see it because gay men tend to have a tougher time being accepted than lesbians (when I came out to my parents my dad was shocked but eventually told me that at least I was a woman, two women together are ok but it wouldn't be ok if I was a man because two men together are just unacceptable... *facepalm*).