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Kindle Reading

Speaking as a reader, I love when authors post their stuff on AO3 or FF.net and put those links with the LJ link when they are posting a story, or at least a link to their accounts somewhere on the page. AO3 and FF.net make it so easy to download to my Kindle, which is where I read fan fiction. I have a ton of books on it, but I always wind up with Jack and Ianto or John and Sherlock instead. Mostly Jack and Ianto. I'm an addict, it seems. LOL Anyway, thanks to all of you who use the two services. I love LJ, but saving each individual chaper of a long fic and then sending them all to my Kindle takes quite a bit of time, and I am already glued to my computer as it is. I set workrave to make me take a break every so often, and I almost always wind up skipping the break because I am checking out something interesting on line. I know there is rehab for drugs, alcohol, and murder (thank you John Hart), but is there one for computer addiction or Jack and Ianto addiction? No? Well, then. Guess I'll just have to quit worrying about it and learn to love the bomb (obscure reference), I mean cyber-world. By the way, in case anyone is interested, when putting something on my Kindle, I right-click and choose 'save page as' and then under 'save as type' I select text. Save to designated folder till I have a few, then use the 'Send To Kindle' item from Amazon to...send to my kindle. I then move those same pages to my Kindle folder on my hard drive. Instant backup. I used to use Calibre or other sites to convert, which never turned out well, and then duh!, one day it dawned on me. Save as text, stupid. (I have these little conversations with myself, so it's okay if I call someone 'stupid' as long as I'm the someone. Right?)


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Oct. 25th, 2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
LOL yomama is fu-unny. Or not. LOL
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