excentric397 (excentric397) wrote,

Another teeny bit of progress

From an email I got:

"Just moments ago, the Supreme Court joined the majority of the country on the right side of history by striking down the federal, so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California's Proposition 8."

Someday, people will look back on us, with our hatreds, and prejudices, and 'my way is the only way, ny god is the only god' attitudes, and put us in the same category that we do people WE now consider to be unbelievably backward and primitive. You know, human sacrificing cultures, witch-burning folks, all those other 'what was wrong with people then' things we look down on. Unfortunately, it will again be too little, too late for many.

I've always considered myself fortunate that my mother taught me to NOT be prejudiced. Well, except for stupidity. I am kind of prejudiced against willful stupidity that makes people believe that because of this or that circumstance of birth they are somehow better than someone whose circumstances were different. Then they use their religion as justification for persecuting those they see as different or less-than. Some days, IDEK, my species just sucks. Then a little good thing happens. It still sucks, but a just a fraction not as hard.

Why yes, after seven months of constant, soul-crushing pain, I am alive again. I can think, and write, and opinionate. It occurred to me that it was kind of like being in a coma, and then waking up. I'M ALIVE!!!
Yay, me.

And furthermore, I went to post this, and Firefox decided 'the damn thing won't go through, so tough' and it vanished. Aaarrggghhh. Couldn't find vanished post anywhere, messed about, started over, and lovely, lovely LJ asked if I wanted to restore from the draft. Thank you, LJ.

Updated update: I forgot. Last night, I was watching the local news and there was an add for Kellogg's, I think, with a mixed race couple and their child. I cannot recall ever seeing that in a commercial before. How cool is that? First same sex, now mixed-race. A little progress, people. It's a good thing.
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