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Another Post...On The Same Day

Wow. So in my fanfic reading, some issues have come up.

1. inside, you sit on the floor, which is that thing you walk on when you're inside, regardless of it's covering.
outside, you fall to the ground, which is that thing you walk on when you're outside, regardless of it's covering.

These are regularly reversed in fan fiction. Is this a British thing?

2. Bobbing or nodding one's head is lowering and raising one's chin. I (by I, I mean myself and all other Americans I have spoken with during my long and unbelievably exciting life HA!) read this as a yes.
Shaking one's head (see above for exp.) is read as a no.

Again, regularly reversed in fan fiction. British thing?

3. Conscience, that thing Jiminy Cricket represents, reminding you that what you did was not necessarily right or appropriate and a little guilt might be a good thing.

Conscious, that thing when you are not UNconscious, as in asleep, knocked out, in a coma, unaware, etc.

4. I (he, she, it, they) spin, I (he, she, it, they) spun around, my arms cannot span the distance between the frig and the opposite counter.

Nit-picking, it's what for dinner. These things drive me mad. :)