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Good stuff

Mumford & Sons is on Live From The Artist's Den RIGHT NOW.  They and AWOL Nation are my current favorite groups.  Great ending to a good day.  Saw the rheumatologist.  All is going well, will be on Prednisone for another very long time, but no pain is a really, really, really good thing.  A beautiful day, too, with low humidity FINALLY.  This has been a summer that will not go on my list of best ones ever.  I've had the a/c on day after day after day.  I like open windows, so not loving sticky.  Oh, he mentioned again that I most like do NOT have fibromyalgia, because I would still have pain even with Prednisone.  So nobody actually has a clue what I've been ill with for the past sixteen years.  All those meds I've tried that didn't do anything, or only helped for a few weeks and then never worked again.  What were they doing? 


Aug. 1st, 2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm pain FREE, but the all-over, misery making pain I had for seven months is gone, along with the crappy pain I've had for years that is not related to arthritis, which I DO have. I started out with severe fatigue (complete exhaustion for no apparent reason) and short-term memory problems, not pain, way back, but because ALL of the points they test for fibro reacted, and they eliminated everything else they could come up with, fibro was it. It's the 'We don't have a clue what's wrong with you, so we'll give it this cool name and treat you with random drugs with questionable side-effects until we come up with something better' diagnosis. Got to love modern medicine. I saw somewhere that it cost 15,000 dollars for the hospital delivery of the new British prince. What do you think that would cost here? Disillusioned with doctors and the United States medical system? Why yes. Yes I am. Why do you ask?