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I do despair

Saw on Twitter that someone challenged JB's opinion on Scotland leaving GB, and was tweeted a death threat by one of JB's fans. What is wrong with fandom? What happened to free speech, being allowed to express your opinion, even if you're wrong, even if I don't agree with you? How do death threats help any situation? I would think people like John and Gareth must be appalled by the behaviour of some of their so-called fans, who seem to really be nutters in disguise. It amazes me sometimes that they just don't say to hell with all of us out here and stop engaging with us. Life isn't hard enough, the world doesn't already suck enough, without you adding fuel to the fires of hatred and intolerance and all the other negative things that go on? I don't want you in my fandom. I don't want you in anyone's fandom. Go crawl back under your rock, and be sure to stop for some mental health treatment on the way. You need it. Sheesh!