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You know, I read the blogs, I follow people on Tumblr, I check out Twitter. Based on this, I think he must be the most fun person to be around on the planet. He seems to take such joy in life, in spite of all the shit he gets from people who don't approve of this or that (or probably are just jealous). I saw a post where someone wondered if his husband got jealous, asking this after he kissed the guy (oh, did I just quote something here?) at the Commonwealth Games. One response was 'Tough, he is who he is'. Words to that effect. Let's wait til it's your significant other, and see how you feel. Anyway, I thought that was kind of cruel. Scott doesn't have a right to his feelings (not saying that those ARE his feelings)? People do get jealous. You want your one true love to BE true. I also read something from the early part of the century where the person 'knows' he fools around on Scott. How do you know? I know they weren't married then, but still, why would you say that? Why would you put that out there and possibly hurt his now husband. I'm just saying that in most pictures I've seen, they seem to be very happy and certainly look at one another with love, so shut up, people and mind your own business. Just because someone is in the public eye, doesn't mean you own them. I saw a post once shouting out (ALL CAPS if I remember correctly), Gaz has work! This still bugs the heck out of me. Maybe it's just me, but neither Gareth or John are ours, however much we love them, and however nice they are to us at cons or wherever. Shouldn't people have their own personal lives for themselves? Fandom does not give us rights to know every detail, or discuss every detail, even if we do know. John is not Captain Jack, Gareth is not Ianto, and their lives are their own. Okay, that kind of turned into a rant. Sorry. I'm on a roll lately. First it's grammar, now it's actors. Who knows what bug will be up my ass tomorrow. :) PS How weird is it to say 'the early part of the century'? Pretty weird, people. Pretty weird.