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Found this

on Spacefem's journal:


This is from last Friday:
1. What was your favorite book during childhood? The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Warner and/or The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
2. What is your favorite book now? The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill I like to read it every year.
3. What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book? The Princess Bride or Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback Mountain had gorgeous scenery and music, plus Heath Ledger. What's not to love?
4. Do you prefer checking out books from the library or buying them? Library. I love the library.
5. Have you ever been let down by a book that was highly recommended to you? Twilight, anyone? Or Harry Potter, after the third one, I think it was. I actually didn't really LOVE any of them.

And this is from today:
1. Can you remember being a very young child? I remember when my sister was born, I was four, and remember sitting on the sofa and my mom letting me hold her. I think I remember when my dad came home from the Army. I was two. I remember a lot of things from when I lived with my grandparents, which I did til I started school.
2. Do you remember the first day of school? I do. I remember being terrified. Then I saw this big playhouse thingy, went inside, my mom left and I wasn't even aware of it. That was that for being scared. I used to walk to kindergarten by myself after the first week, too. This was of course way back in olden times, before the dinosaurs, I think.
3. Did you love or despise your siblings, providing you had them? I loved my brother, and I did love my sister, but she was a spoiled, annoying little brat. She was the youngest. I was the oldest.
4. Do you remember the name of your first friend? Oh, yeah. Billy Adair. He had red hair and freckles, and we used to play together every day til he moved away. My first school friend was Bonnie. Do not remember her last name, but we walked to school together every day for years.
5. Would you journey back to your childhood (as an adult) if you could? Maybe to the time I lived with my grandparents. Once I had to live at home, it was like being in hell. Would not go back to that. Violent, alcoholic fathers are not fun.

Isn't it amazing how much personal stuff we will put on a page. But it's not like my life is a secret, right?