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Feminist Friday

Inspired by Bioethics professor Alice Dreger live tweeting her kid’s abstinence/fear-based sex education class, how was sex ed where you went to school? Why do you think comprehensive sex ed is so important?

Since I am older than dirt, sex ed. when I was in school was extremely sexist. Phamplets about 'showing interest in what a boy likes', and getting your period. Really. I always wondered if the boys got phamplets about 'showing interest in what the girl likes', and I would say wet dreams, but I'm sure I wasn't aware they existed back then. The amount of misinformation passed around school was astonishing, too, now that I look back on it. I blame the Puritans. Sex is fun. Fun is bad, therefore sex is bad. God, people are stupid.

Why is it important? I would think that would be self-explanatory, but you need to know how your body works, and how your partner's body works, health issues related to your period and inner workings, how to prevent STDs, how to avoid getting pregnant, and what to do if you do get pregnant, what are your options? It's not all just where to stick what, you know. Similar issues from the male point of view, as well. Boys need education as much as girls, plus things like why rape is wrong and just don't do it. Teaching respect for others should be part of it, as well. Cat-calling, the whole LGBT discrimination/hate thing. These should be part of it.

Oh, duh. Here's the feminist blog: feminist.livejournal.com