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Help, please

Yes, I know I'm an idiot, but I bought the Big Finish 'Broken'and it's a zip file, and it's a
PDF? I always use winzip, now it says my trial has run out, so I downloaded 7zip, but when I try to use it, it flashes and disappears. God, I feel stupid, but I haven't needed a zipfile opened in years. Help, anyone? How do you get to the audio?


in Wales is what sport in the US? Is it what we call soccer? Is it rugby, but wouldn't it be called rugby, then? At any rate, checking Wales online, it seems they are delirious at how well Wales is doing in Euro 2016, which I'm not sure what that is exactly, either. Ignorant Jean is ignorant.

Episode 4

I"m braving it. I like this one because lots of Ianto. Gareth was kind of weak in acting skills, I think, but he was still very young. Jack is a really bad leader. Supposed to be a military man, but does not have enough authority to be obeyed by anyone. No one follows his orders without first questioning and arguing. Maybe he didn't get to play captain during WW2 long enough to get how to lead. I don't know what his rank was meant to be in WW1, or did he only serve there in fan fiction? Haven't watched any of this since it first aired, so don't really remember what's show and what's fan fic. Gareth steals every single scene he's in though, doesn't he? Your eyes just glom right onto him as soon as he's on screen. Well, mine do, anyway. Rewatching makes me realize that Burn is a really good actor. The best of them all, I think. But I'm still Ianto (and Janto) all the way.

BTW, who would name their kid Burn? Anyone know anything about this? Anyone know anything about Gareth? I've never seen if he has siblings, or anything about him really except that he lived with an aunt for awhile. Or so I read somewhere.


It's been a long time, so thought I'd see if I could watch it again. Not even seven minutes in, and Gwen is already lying to Rhys, for absolutely no reason. Were you at the murder scene? No, nothing to do with me. Why would she lie about it? She was there, it is her job. Rhys is not unaware of that fact. Pathological liars lie when there is absolutely no benefit to lying. I think this is why I hate Gwen so much. Well, among about 5,000 other reasons, but I was married to a pathological liar. It was not fun. Not sure if I want to go back and give it another try, but it would be great to see the rest of the team. If only someone could just edit her out of the entire series, I could watch it a million times, I'm sure.

And On Another Note

I feel the need to rec this even though I may have done before, just because I love it so much:

A Place That Never Rains


I Feel The Need To Rant

Just read a fic where Jack asks Ianto to marry him, but reminds Ianto that he can't be faithful to him, with which Ianto is perfectly fine. You will live forever, and yet you cannot keep it in your trousers for 60 or so years, assuming Ianto lives that long? Really, Jack? Really? And Ianto, for god's sake, develop at least a modicum of self-respect. God, I hate fics like that. It disrespects both of them, and makes Jack a slut and Ianto a...oh, I don't even have words.

Happy New Year

to all you lovely authors and readers and everyone who keeps Torchwood and Ianto alive. Have a great year, all of you.

Christmas Eve

Hoping everyone who celebrates it has a great Christmas, and happy whatever everyone else celebrates. I personally like the solstice. Happy winter.

I have a question

In Britain, what's the difference between college and university? College and high school? Do you even have high school?

Thinky thoughts

I put this on Tumblr first, cause that's where I was when it occurred to me:

It suddenly occurred to me....that maybe killing off the person you identify with (Ianto Jones, anyone?) is like killing you. No wonder I hate Russell Davies so much. He killed me. It’s also interesting that it seems that he identifies with Gwen, the most odious, selfish, self-centered, clueless person I can think of.

Another thing I posted over there, is that I tried to watch series two of Broadchurch and had to fast forward through Eve's scenes. I always say you shouldn't confuse the actor with the character, but...
So I guess I just can't stand Eve Myles, whether she's playing Gwen or not. Surprised myself. I actually almost stopped watching when I first saw her in it, to tell the truth.